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So your in the market for a new vacuum cleaner but which one should you buy?  There are so many brands these days, Eureka, Hoover, Dyson, Oreck, Bissell and many more.  The correct vacuum cleaner is an important decision for many consumers.

What vacuum cleaner should you buy? What are the top rated vacuum cleaners? Well there isn't just one answer.  The vacuum cleaner that is the best rated depends on who you talk to. It also depends on what you want. Do you want the best upright vacuum cleaner or do you prefer canister vacuums? Do you want the best bagless vacuum cleaner or do you prefer models that use a dust bag? Will you be buying a model to clean carpets or are you looking to buy the best vacuum for cleaning hardwood floors.  This website will let you discuss different vacuum brands with fellow owners and help you decide which is right for you.